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Easy AdminAutocomplete

Author: Easy Admin Displayed: 5666
Created: 11 Dec 2017 Updated: 18 Dec 2017
Version: 5
Tags: autocomplete

How to use Autocomplete functionality

Autocomplete function is there to help you find what you need quickly and easily. Just begin typing the name of the project you are looking for.


Autocomplete settings can be found in administration.


You can set here how many rows will show up. The default setting is set to 25. With this number set, you can be sure, that your system will run quickly. The higher the number the slower can the system be. Autocomplete will not work if you have less then 25 items to look through. For example, here are only 4 tasks in this project, I am not able to write in the box here because I can see all the issues, therefore, I can find what I am looking for easily and I do not need the autocomplete.


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