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Easy AdminProject notifications and overall activity

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Created: 11 Dec 2017 Updated: 11 Dec 2018
Version: 7
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Project notifications and overall activity

How to set project notifications and their options

You can have control over the notifications which are being sent to you via ER. You can set the default notifications in Administration » Settings » E-mail notifications. Firstly, you are able to set emission email address. This address doesn´t have to exist, whatever you put there will appear as the e-mail sender. However, make sure it has a correct e-mail form:


Then you can set default notifications option, these options will be set by default when a new user is created.


You can set the email format, and if you want to differ My task emails from others.


You can set the mail subject form here.


When you set, you want to receive notifications about all the events on your projects, you can set what exact notification they will be here.


You are also able to personalize the mail a bit by adding a header and footer.


A user is also able to set notification by himself (if he has permission to edit his profile).

Default events for overall activity on a project

To configure which types of activity should be visible in "Overall activity" view of a project by default, go to Administration → Settings → Projects → Default events for overall activity. Here you check the requested activity types and save.


To see "Overall activity" view of a project, add module "Project information" to your page or to sidebar and select the option "Overall activity".


The activity types are pre-selected according to your default settings but you can always overrule these default settings manually for a specific project.


It is possible to use global filters (Users) on this module, so that line managers and team leaders can have better insights about the activity of their subordinates, all on one page.


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