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AnonymousMagic button aka task templates

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Created: 24 Jun 2018 Updated: 24 Jun 2018
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How to create task templates using the Magic button

We have received many requests for functionality for issue templates from our clients, so we decided to find a quick and handy solution for it. Generate tasks with prefilled attributes by a single click.

How to use the magic button for system admins and project managers:

  • Save this link as a bookmark on your browser:
  • Go to a new task form and fill in the desired attributes. Like in the image below, tracker, assignee, priority and coworkers are set

Easy Project 2017 Magic Button 01.jpg

  • Click on the bookmark you saved - magic button and you will get a link to the new task form with the prefilled attributes
  • You can save this link to a noticeboard on a project overview page or user personal page.

How to use magic button for worker or external user:

  • Click on the prepared link and enter name and description of the task :)
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