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How to use Business Intelligence

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Business intelligence (BI) is a technology-driven process for analyzing data and presenting actionable information to help executives, managers and other corporate end users make informed business decisions.

Business Intelligence plugin brings all key data, metrics, and KPIs about your business to a single screen. And that's why it is much appreciated by C-level and senior-level managers. The plugin analyses data from project earning and costs, personal and other costs, CRM data, and your Google Ads cost. These numbers together create ROI, the most important number for most of the business. The numbers can be also called trends because you can compare the current ones with historical data. All trends and graphs are clickable - after clicking it, you can explore the sub-items that made up the total number. You can switch between different levels like company, country, product, user and project level. Thus you easily analyse a particular business segment.

Activity feed is a useful feature that shows the activity of your team member in a timeline view. One look and you see what is going on. With Business Intelligence you do not miss important insight anymore. You will get continuous awareness of your projects and company performance, which helps you make more smart and effective decision about your business. Easy BI plugin can be accessed directly from the More menu.


Having your Google Ads account paired in the plugin configuration (see the instructions below), you will find the option "AdWords Geo Performance" in the entity selection of the Trends module. Using this, you can analyze your business ROI (return on investment) via Business dashboards. Connect your Google Ads to Payroll or/and CRM and find which business segments have the highest profitability and which not. This is useful for any company that sells more products or services on one or more markets. The Business Intelligence plugin provides easy geographical and product ROI analysis – tells you what segments have the highest profitability: ROI = Revenues / Costs (Ads, Payroll, Other costs).

Answers you can get include:

  • Which products, projects or services are the most profitable
  • Which GEO markets are most profitable
  • Find out golden segments – geo & product combination
  • Get insights into your Google Ads spends
  • Reveal business current trends using comparison with previous time periods

Note: If you include Google Ads in the ROI calculation and you want to filter by product, there is no "Product" field in the campaign, so we put the product name into the campaign name. Therefore, the campaign name must have the format: "PRODUCT - ...something else..."


How to link Business Intelligence plugin with Google Ads

1) Create a Google Ads manager account.
2) Add the Google Ads manager account to your Google Ads account
3) Generate a developer token in the Google Ads manager account
4) In the Google Ads manager account, click on the "Apply for Basic Access" link. You will be asked to answer the following questions.

  • AdWords manager account (MCC) ID associated with your pending developer token
  • Does your company currently possess any APPROVED AdWords API Tokens?
  • Please provide the AdWords manager account (MCC) ID(s) associated with your OTHER token(s)
  • Please clarify your need for an additional token
  • Is this application for the App Conversion Tracking and Remarketing API?
  • My email contact information in the AdWords API Center is...
  • My Company Type in the AdWords API Center is correct and is currently listed as...
  • Please briefly describe your company's business model and how you use AdWords.
  • Does your company manage ad campaigns for clients' (or any users outside of your company)?
  • URL for your company's primary website
  • Please list the website(s) for which you advertise and the owner of each site:
  • Do you plan to use your AdWords API token with a tool developed by someone else?
  • Please list the tool(s) you use, if applicable
  • Upload design documentation of your tool (must be in .pdf, .doc or .rtf file formats only).
  • Will your use of the API be in conjunction with AdWords ads?
  • Who will have access to the AdWords API tool you are creating?
  • If you have clients, will they have LOGIN access to your tool to view reports?
  • Do you plan to make any mutate calls to the API, or to create/manage campaigns via the API?
  • Will your tool be used for reporting or pulling data on AdWords performance?
  • Do you plan to do any keyword research via the API? Specifically, do you plan to use TargetingIdeaService or TrafficEstimatorService?
  • Google Representative Email
  • I accept the Terms and Conditions and acknowledge that my information will be used in accordance with Google’s Privacy Policy

5) You have to wait for the application to be approved by Google.
6) You need to create an oauth token in the Google Console.
7) Download this file and fill in all the fields.
8) Paste this file in the BI administration (Administration → Plugins → Easy BI).


9) Click to log in.
10) Grant access under the Google Ads manager account.
11) Update Business Intelligence plugin on a regular basis. Otherwise, it will loss compatibility with your Google Ads manager account after few months due to constant developmental changes.


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