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Quick project planning

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Created: 17 Feb 2020 Updated: 17 Feb 2020
Version: 1

How to use Quick project planning

With this module, you will save a lot of time! Quick project planning is part of the basic Easy Project package, no plugin needed. It has to be activated in the project settings in the modules tab.

Easy Project Quick project planning 01.jpg

To activate Quick project planning, click on the green button on the right.

Easy Project Quick project planning 02.jpg

You are able to delete or create tasks at quickly while you have the perfect overview what tasks are already created. To add a task simply fill in the fields on the top.

Easy Project Quick project planning 03.jpg

Please note that every time you create a new task, all required custom fields and standard fields must be filled in, even in the Quick Project Planning. If they are not filled in, an error message will show up. Special caution should be taken when there is active option "Activity is pre-selected when creating a task" in project's Settings > Activites (time tracking) as illustrated below. In such a case, the activity field is always required field when creating a new task.

Easy Project Quick project planning 04.jpg

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