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Easy AdminProject chat (instant messages)

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Created: 18 Feb 2020 Updated: 05 May 2020
Version: 4

How to use Project chat (instant messages)

How to change chat permissions per user roles
How to use the plugin
Corner situations

Project chat is an instant messaging tool (feature) available in Easy Project. If you demand effective teamwork and collaboration, this extension is kind of necessity for you.


How to change chat permissions per user roles

In order to allow or prohibit selected user roles from using the project chat feature, go to More: Administration: Roles and permissions: select a role and then tick or untick "Project chat" checkbox and save the change as illustrated below.

Easy Project Chat 01.jpg


How to use the plugin

When the plugin is activated and enabled for your user role, you should see the specific chat icon in the sidebar as shown below. Clicking on it will open the list of recent conversations you´ve had with other users. To start chatting with a new user, just type his name into the search field and press "Enter" key or click on the magnifier icon on the right. In Easy Project, there is extra information about user status next to each user's name indicating whether he/she is currently online, offline, at home office, on vacation etc. A bit more on the right, there is a timestamp indicating how long time has passed since your last conversation with the user. Clicking on any user in the list will open a conversation window.

Easy Project Chat 02.jpg

When a new message arrives, the chat icon turns red, starts flashing and showing the number of new messages as illustrated below.

Easy Project Chat 03.gif

Below you see how such a conversation window looks like. Clicking on any username or profile photo will show profile information of the particular user. To see full conversation history, click on the "Show more" link on the top of the conversation block. Every single message is completed with a timestamp indicating day and time of the message. Down in the chat box, type a message for the user and press "Enter" key or click on the arrow icon to send it. To close the conversation window, just click on the cross icon in the top right corner. In addition to a graphical symbol on the chat icon, each incoming message is accompanied by a sound signal and pop-up notification in all modern browsers able to show such notifications from websites.

Easy Project Chat 04.jpg

This is how it looks like when you open full conversation history with a particular user. It's easy to search through it using CTRL+F.

Easy Project Chat 05.jpg


Corner situations

If you work in multiple windows or tabs, chat behavior may be non-standard. The chat should notify you in one window/tab only in order to prevent from an avalanche of notifications from every single window/tab separately and without the need to close any of them. But if you start to write from a different window/tab, some messages may be hidden there.

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